Stand in Holy Places Key Chains

These key chains are a great option for those who wouldn't want to wear the jewelry.  It would be used with keys or just hung onto a purse or backpack as a reminder to stand firm.

I used the large round in a copper setting, ring and swivel hook.
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The large oval, green misty design is set in a large aged brass setting, ring and swivel hook.
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These can be purchased in bulk for a Young Women's group at a 50% discount -- they would be $4.00 for each keychain/bag charm.  Bulk orders take at least 2 weeks to make and then they will be shipped to you.  Email me at julkid@gmail.com if you are interested in a bulk order (15+).

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White Pearl Bead Custom Photo Bracelet

I've been working on some new photo gifts that will be great for Christmas or upcoming Valentines and Mother's Day gifts.

I'm very excited about some new bracelets that I've created.  Here is one that I particularly like.  It has the custom photo in the center with a magnifying piece of glass sealing the professional printed photo and set in an aged silver plated metal setting.

It has a dangling silver heart.

The rest of the bracelet has white  swavorski pearls alternating with silver daisy metal spacers.  The bracelet closes with a toggle clasp.

Click on the photo to go to my shop where you can find out more information about these darling photo gift and purchase one for yourself or a loved one.

Email me if you have any questions about this bracelet or any other photo gifts:  julkid@gmail.com

Stand in Holy Place LDS Theme 2013 Bracelets

Here are the promised bracelets for the new 2013 LDS YW Theme, Stand in Holy Places.

The focal round piece on these bracelets has a real soft graphic of the spires of the LDS Salt Lake City Temple in the background and the words, "Stand in Holy Places" over the top.  One is in a antique silver color and the other in an antique brass color.

The antique brass bracelet has four real stones that encircle the wrist.  These stones represent the sure and strong foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ that we must stand on in order to withstand the trials and hardships of these latter days.

The bracelet then has an antique brass plated chain completing the bracelet and is closed with a nice large brass lobster clasp.

The antique silver bracelet is made with rings, wire and ivory swavorski pearls.  The clasp on this bracelet is a darling silver heart clasp.  This bracelet has ivory pearls to remind us to stay pure and clean and the heart clasp to remind us to keep the temple in our heart and the focus of our desires.

Make sure to click on the page "LDS YW GIFTS" (on the top of the blog) to find all of the 2013 Themed gifts that I've designed this year!

These can be purchased in bulk for a Young Women's group at a 50% discount -- they would be $6.00 for each bracelet.  Bulk orders take at least 2 weeks to make and then they will be shipped to you.  Email me at julkid@gmail.com if you are interested in a bulk order (15+).

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Stand in Holy Places and Be Not Moved

2013 Mutual Theme Products

I've completed taking photos of many of the new products that I've designed for the 2013 LDS Mutual Theme.  I am totally loving how they turned out and I'm excited to create these for the Young Women this year.  Please take a look at the YW Products page to see more detail about each piece.

Note:  I will be adding a few key chains and bracelets in the next few weeks

Here are some photos of the new designs.  Remember that I offer huge discounts for YW groups of 20+.  I also offer custom theme styling if you have a certain theme that you're trying to match.  Email me directly for any questions:  julkid@gmail.com

Model wearing jewelry is a size medium and 5'8" tall.

These can be purchased in bulk for a Young Women's group at a 50% discount -- they would be $4.00 - $7.00 for each necklace (depending on the style).  Bulk orders take at least 2 weeks to make and then they will be shipped to you.  Email me at julkid@gmail.com if you are interested in a bulk order (15+).

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Heart Pendants

Heart Shaped Custom Photo Pendant Necklaces

Plain Glass Heart with Silver Plated Snake Chain

Puffy Glass Heart in Antique Silver Setting and Silver Snake Chain

Rectangle Pendants

Custom Photo Rectangle Glass Pendant Necklaces

Large Plain Puffy Glass Pendants with Snake Chain

Small Puffy Rectangle Glass Photo Pendant Necklace

Silver Plated Setting with Small Puffy Glass and Handmade Beaded Chain

More Information

Wide Flat Rectangle Plain Glass Pendant with Snake Chain

Mini Flat Rectangle Plain Glass Pendant with Snake Chain

Square Pendants

Custom Square Photo Pendant Necklaces

Plain Square Glass Pendants with Silver Snake Chain

Fancy Antique Brass Setting with Brass Link Chain

1 inch square


Custom Round Photo Necklaces

Round Custom Photo Necklaces

Round Plain Glass Pendant with Silver Snake Chain or Black Ribbon

Silver Princess Setting with Silver Snake Chain

Antique Brass Flower Setting with Brass Heart and Link Chain

Antique Brass Ribbed Edge Setting with Link Chain

 Small or Large Round

Antique Brass Plain Setting with Link Chain or Black Ribbon

 Small or Large Round

Silver Plated Plain Setting with Snake Chain or Black Ribbon

Small or Large Round

Oval Custom Photo Necklaces

Oval Pendant Necklaces

Glass Only (with Silver Plated Snake Chain)

Small  or Large Glass

Antique Brass Setting (with Brass Link Chain)

Small or Large Plain Setting

Large Fancy Setting

Antique Brass Setting (Large) - 

With Handmade Extra Long Brass and Amber Beads Chain

Listing on Artfire

Silver Plated Setting (with Silver Link Chain)

 Small or Large Plain Setting


Young Women in New Zealand

I was very excited to learn that the 150 young women a New Zealand  stake loved their theme jewelry that I made for them!  I love to think of the people that wear my creations and wonder how they are enjoying them.  Here are some photos of some of these gorgeous young ladies with the necklace that I made for them.

Thanks ladies for the opportunity to make you a Little Keepsake to remember the feelings and bonds that were shared at your conference!


LDS Young Woman Theme for 2013

The LDS Young Woman Theme for 2013 has been officially announced and I have been working on designs for a new line of jewelry to go with the theme.  I'm very excited about how many of the designs are working out and will be highlighting and releasing them for purchase in a little over a week.

The theme comes from D&C 87:8 and says, "Stand in Holy Places until the day of the Lord come, for behold, it cometh quickly, saith the Lord."

I'd love to hear any requests or comments on what you'd like to see created and available for purchase.  I love making these available for Young Women groups and will continue to have discounted bulk options available.  I've had many groups (wards and stakes) purchase them for a variety of purposes --- YW in Excellence, New Beginnings, Birthdays, Christmas, Girls Camp, Stake Activities, Trek, etc.

Do you have any ideas or requests???


Arise and Shine in the Strength of the Lord

Done and shipped!  300 pieces of handmade jewelry!

An international LDS stake is having a large YW activity where they are focusing on the theme for this year, "Arise and Shine", along with the scripture, "in the Strength of the Lord I can do all things".  They asked me to create a vintage necklace for each of the 150 participates.  It was fun coming up with the design for this event!

They also wanted to split the girls into 6 groups and have bracelets in different colors to show which group they were in.  I designed bracelets with the YW torch and saying in 6 colors which they could use for this.  We incorporated the pearls and vintage brass in the design for a trendy look.

As I was hand making each of these pieces of jewelry these past two weeks I was thinking of the girls that would wear them and wondered how the sayings on the jewelry would inspire them to live their lives better.  This is something I often think about ~~ who's wearing the jewelry and how it effects them.  I love my job because I want to make a difference in someones life! I try to make jewelry that will inspire and uplift the wearer.

I pray that in the far away land in which I shipped the package that the girls will love and cherish their jewelry  and enjoy them as much as I did making them!

If you have an event wear you'd like me to design something special for each of the participants, please feel free to email me your ideas and we'll discuss the details.  julkid@gmail.com


Arise and Shine Handcart Trek Necklace

One of the many designs that I created for Young Women groups was one for a Stake Handcart Trek activity.  It was fun to come with a design with the Stake Young Woman President and make 185 of these darling necklaces for their stake.

If you have an activity that is coming up and would like a special necklace made to remember the lessons learned -- I'd love to create a necklace, key chain, bracelet, etc. for the occasion.

For questions contact me at:  julkid@gmail.com


"He can Heal us"

"Although we might settle for less, Heavenly Father won't, for he sees us as the glorious beings we are capable of becoming."

These words from this inspirational video on healing through the Atonement of Jesus Christ rang true to my heart.  I'd like to share this great video and remind everyone that they can be lifted up from even the very depths of sorrow to feel joy, hope and love through the power and healing of our Lord and Savior.

When I'm feeling down and letting the world kick my legs out from under me, I need to look up -- to where all inspiration and healing comes --- and believe.


Inspirational Key Chains

I have designed and am in the mode of posting to our shop some key chains that have inspirational messages or photos.  I have kept these designs simple (without dangles and beads) so they can be used by anyone.  I have the metal settings (that hold the glass) in silver, antique brass and antique copper.  You can choose to have any of these three colors for the designs that I have.

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