Come Unto Him Keepsake Jewelry and Key Chains

Here are the photos of the new keepsakes that I have designed to go with the LDS Youth Theme for 2014, "Come Unto Christ . . . . "

The first Keepsake is a necklace glass center is set in a fancy brass metal setting and it hangs from a long (36") brass link chain.  The design of the words in the pendant is simple and made to look at if it was stamped.  Click HERE to find the purchase information for this beautiful necklace.

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The second keepsake is a similar necklace set in a simple shiny silver metal setting with a long (36") silver link necklace.  The long necklace is trendy right now to wear.  If you would rather have a (24") necklace, you can state that in the order.  Click HERE for more information about purchasing this necklace.

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This keepsake is the same as the silver necklace, but is in a copper colored metal and has a 24" ball chain necklace.  Click HERE for more information about purchasing this necklace.

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This rectangle pendant keepsake necklace can come in a brass, copper or silver setting with the long (36") link necklace to match.  The glass center is placed over the design which features the whole verse of the 2014 LDS Youth Theme.  Young Women around the world will love to wear these necklaces to remind them of the theme.  The pendant is approximately 1 1/2" tall and 1" wide.  Click HERE to find more information about purchasing this necklace.

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This last necklace uses a square piece of glass set in a silver setting and hangs from a 24" silver link necklace.  The design has the words, "Come unto Christ" superimposed over the words to the hymn "Come Follow Me" typed very softly in the background on the design.  The color is a soft blue green.  Click HERE for more information on where to purchase this necklace.
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The key chains were a very popular gift for the Young Women groups in the church to purchase.  I designed a round or oval design to go in the popular brass metal finish.  Click HERE to purchase a key chain in this years theme design.

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more information about purchasing locket

This fun antique brass locket has a custom glass piece adhered onto the front of the locket.  The glass piece features the door knob on the Salt Lake Temple which says, "Holiness to the Lord".  This locket is 1" round and will hand from a 24" brass link necklace (you may request the longer 36" brass link necklace if you would like).  Inside the locket will be sealed a printed photo of the 2014 theme.  Click HERE to purchase a temple door knob brass locket and chain.

All of these designs will make a popular and appropriate gift for the Young Women to remind them of this very important theme.  I will offer discounts as always to groups who want to order over 20 items at once.  I have been making these YW LDS Theme Keepsakes for groups worldwide for the past several years.   If you would like to purchase any of these items, please email me directly at:  julkid@gmail.com  Once you decide on the order you'd like to make, I can send you an invoice through paypal to pay for the product that you'd like to purchase.


Come Unto Him - New YW Theme for 2014

I've been a little slow this year in getting some jewelry and key chains made to go with the new LDS Youth Theme for 2014.

The theme is:  "Come unto Christ, and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness." Moroni 10:32.

My son left 3 weeks ago into the Mexico City MTC.  I have loved getting his faith filled letters and hear of his excitement to bring people unto Christ for the next 2 years.  I love his motivation to be a servant of Christ and to serve his fellowmen, to sacrifice what he wants to give unto Christ and others something that is so important and so life changing --- the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I will post photos of my keepsake creations for the 2014 theme in the next few days.  I'm hoping that you can find something that you'd love to have and treasure as a reminder of how we need to "Come unto Christ" and also encourage all of those around us to do the same.


A Favorite Mother's Day Gift -- Photo Key Ring or Bag Charm

One of the more popular gifts that customers like to order for Mother's Day gifts are my Bag Clusters that has 2 or 3 custom glass photo charms that can dangle from your bag or be used as a key ring.  Another is the key ring that one photo encased in a metal holder with beautiful glass protecting your photo.   Here are some examples of ones that I've made in the past.  They can be made for yourself or as a gift to your mother, sister, friend or grandmother.

I can still make your custom mother's day photo gift and have it to you (shipped in continental U.S.) by Mother's Day if ordered by May 3rd.  Remember that all of my Photo Gifts are shipped free of charge!!

Go to Little Keepsakes Studio/Photo Gifts to see more options for Photo Gifts for you or your mother.

Photo Charm Cluster hanging from your favorite bag

You can choose the color of beads that will go on your cluster of photo charms.

Highlighting the birth of a new child is an awesome gift.

Mothers and grandmothers alike love to carry photos with them.

Large Rectangle Key Ring in Silver

Large Rectangle Key Ring with beads and Charm Dangles

Simple Square Key Ring --- great for guys or gals

Photos can be in Black and White, Sephia or Color

Our Heart Key Ring is a favorite


Mother's Day Photo Jewely

Mother's Day in the United States is approaching fast.  This year it will fall on May 12th.  We always love making photo jewelry and key chain/bag charms for the many mother's and grandmother's out there that order from us every year.

This is a great way to give a gift that will be a keepsake throughout the years to come.  I'd like to highlight some of the favorite photo gifts and top sellers that we have here at Little Keepsakes Studio.

Click HERE to find more of our Little Keepsakes Photo Gifts.


Stand in Holy Places Locket

This fun antique brass locket has a custom glass piece adhered onto the front of the locket.  The glass piece features a photo of the door knob on the Salt Lake Temple.  

This special knob has special symbols carved into the metal.  The seashell on the bottom of the knob is a symbol for water and cleansing -- signifying spiritual cleansing through baptism.  The Beehive in the middle of the knob is a symbol of work industry, work of the Lord and Honey (which signifies the Promised Land).  The words, "Holiness to the Lord" on the knob show that the Temple is the House of God.

Inside of this beautiful brass locket I have placed the YW Theme for 2013:  "Stand in Holy Places and Be not moved, until the day of the Lord come; for behold, it cometh quickly, saith the Lord."

This Locket will come with an 18"-24" matching link necklace.  It will be packaged in a beautiful fabric gift bag.  The locket is 1" round.

Look here for more information: YW Gifts Page


Stand in Holy Places Key Chains

These key chains are a great option for those who wouldn't want to wear the jewelry.  It would be used with keys or just hung onto a purse or backpack as a reminder to stand firm.

I used the large round in a copper setting, ring and swivel hook.
Click on Photo for more information

The large oval, green misty design is set in a large aged brass setting, ring and swivel hook.
Click on Photo for more information

These can be purchased in bulk for a Young Women's group at a 50% discount -- they would be $4.00 for each keychain/bag charm.  Bulk orders take at least 2 weeks to make and then they will be shipped to you.  Email me at julkid@gmail.com if you are interested in a bulk order (15+).

Check out other YW Theme Gifts here.


White Pearl Bead Custom Photo Bracelet

I've been working on some new photo gifts that will be great for Christmas or upcoming Valentines and Mother's Day gifts.

I'm very excited about some new bracelets that I've created.  Here is one that I particularly like.  It has the custom photo in the center with a magnifying piece of glass sealing the professional printed photo and set in an aged silver plated metal setting.

It has a dangling silver heart.

The rest of the bracelet has white  swavorski pearls alternating with silver daisy metal spacers.  The bracelet closes with a toggle clasp.

Click on the photo to go to my shop where you can find out more information about these darling photo gift and purchase one for yourself or a loved one.

Email me if you have any questions about this bracelet or any other photo gifts:  julkid@gmail.com

Stand in Holy Place LDS Theme 2013 Bracelets

Here are the promised bracelets for the new 2013 LDS YW Theme, Stand in Holy Places.

The focal round piece on these bracelets has a real soft graphic of the spires of the LDS Salt Lake City Temple in the background and the words, "Stand in Holy Places" over the top.  One is in a antique silver color and the other in an antique brass color.

The antique brass bracelet has four real stones that encircle the wrist.  These stones represent the sure and strong foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ that we must stand on in order to withstand the trials and hardships of these latter days.

The bracelet then has an antique brass plated chain completing the bracelet and is closed with a nice large brass lobster clasp.

The antique silver bracelet is made with rings, wire and ivory swavorski pearls.  The clasp on this bracelet is a darling silver heart clasp.  This bracelet has ivory pearls to remind us to stay pure and clean and the heart clasp to remind us to keep the temple in our heart and the focus of our desires.

Make sure to click on the page "LDS YW GIFTS" (on the top of the blog) to find all of the 2013 Themed gifts that I've designed this year!

These can be purchased in bulk for a Young Women's group at a 50% discount -- they would be $6.00 for each bracelet.  Bulk orders take at least 2 weeks to make and then they will be shipped to you.  Email me at julkid@gmail.com if you are interested in a bulk order (15+).

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