Newborn Photo Shoot

I was able to take the photos from my nieces newborn baby photo shoot and make several gifts for her.  They really turned out cute.  I especially wanted to try a few different things that I could share with everyone.

On the magnet set, I wanted to use the puffy square glass and the large oval domed glass.  I love how they compliment each other and this magnet set turned out so very precious!

I wanted to do the same sort of thing on the Bag Charm.  My niece is a hair stylist and she is excited to hang this charm cluster in her booth!  I used the new vintage brass clasp and chain along with matching beads and dangles.

The brass vintage layered necklace ended up being very delightful with the large domed oval glass set in this vintage filigree pendant setting.

 These are just a few ideas that you can have made with some of those darling photos that you have taken. :)


Christmas Glass Pendants with Metallic Photo Paper

I've gotten my Christmas line of glass pendants listed!!  Better yet, I'm listing them with a great introductory price --- at only $6.50!!  This will include the Waterproof Resin that I put on all of my pendants and the chain or cord of your choice.

What I really like about these pendants is the kind of paper that I printed the images on.  It is a metallic photo paper with a pearlescent surface.  I send these images to a professional photo print shop out of state and I just love the job that they do in printing.

I'm already thinking of people that I can surprise with one of these as a gift!  Friends, family, coworkers, teachers, etc. etc. . . 

Hope everyone gets them early so they can wear them a lot during the season.  Because I know that they are going to absolutely love them!

You can find them listed online in our shop here.

 NOTE:  I only have 1 of each listed, so if you'd like to purchase more than one of a design, please email me and I'll make you a custom listing.  julkid@gmail.com


Be Still and Know that I am God

I awoke before 5am this morning to run my husband down to his car pool ride.  Upon returning to my home it was quiet and still.  I decided to watch a couple of religious devotionals and took time to ponder and reflect on Gods purpose for me and my life.

Sometimes I rush too much.  Try to accomplish and do too much.  More is not always better. . . 

I must take time to think about God, to read his word, to ponder His ways . . . 

This pendant that I designed for this season's inspirational line fits into this train of thought ---

Be Still and Know that I am God!

How can we know what God wants us to do if we don't listen.

How can we listen if we aren't still and quiet.

I must take time in the quiet to think about God and His plan for me.

I need to take time to "Be Still"


 My niece, Madison, spent 6 months in China during 2010 teaching English.  She loved her time there and had many cherished memories.  Her mother asked me to make Madison a memory key chain that would help her remember the great times that she spent in China.  This is what I made for her.

I looked at the photos that her mother wanted to use and chose 3 of them that could be made in different sizes.  I made a rectangle one out of the photo of the whole class of students.  This rectangle glass really lends itself to group or landscape shots.  Then I chose a 1 inch square to encase the photo of Madison sitting in a great stone window overlooking a large mountain.  I wanted to finish off the design with a round photo charm and chose to use a 1 inch domed glass set in a silver pendant tray.

A 3/4" Sterling Silver disc has the location and year hand stamped and then brushed and polished.  A 3/8" copper disc has Madison's initials "M R".  Then to finish off the creation I used several wrapped green pearls and some large purple dangle beads.  I love how this Memory Charm Cluster Key Chain turned out and I'm sure that Madison will absolutely love it too!  (She's now serving on a church mission in Taiwan so it's being sent to her for her birthday.)

I've gone ahead and made a listing for a Custom Memory Charm Cluster in our Etsy Shop.  You can have me create a travel, friendship, wedding, or any other type of Memory Charm Cluster that you can dream up.  I can't wait to create some more fun memories for someone else!  You can find the listing here.

More Arise and Shine Pendants Designed and Listed

I've got 3 more of my designs for the "Arise and Shine" YW Mutual 2012 Theme made up, photographed and listed online.  I love to make many options of size, color and design because we are all so different and are drawn to diverse options.

The first design was made to follow in the footstep of the "Blue Collage We Believe" pendant from last year.  It was a very popular pendant and I wanted to do one similar to it.  It is on the small puffy rectangle glass which has a great jewelry look to it.  The verse has different fonts and colors in warm colors -  you could call it a yummy chocolate orange with a hint of lemon and vanilla . . . yum yum. . .
This pendant will come with the vintage copper colored bail and chain.  The chain comes in a 24" length and can be cut shorter once it arrives to fit the recipient.  This pendant is listed here.

The next design is a bold one in a sea foam green color.  The word "arise" is written in white and is in the background behind.  The "Shine Forth" is big and bold in a great unique and fun font.  Then the rest of the words to the verse are underneath in small print, "that thy light may be a standard for the nations".

This design comes with the silver toned metal bail and a choice of chains and cords.  The shiny black ball chain shown here is a great choice, it can also be cut to fit the girl wearing the pendant.  This pendant is listed here.

The third of these designs is a simple fun one in a green and pink motif --- which most every girl loves, right?  I wanted to make something in a round design, so I chose to put this graphic in my crystal 1 inch round glass that has beautiful hand beveled edges all around the glass.  It is exquisite!  I love how the light and images play through this glass -- it is just mesmerizing to look at!

The design includes a simple pink tree arising up in the middle of the pendant.  The word "Arise" is scripted in a great font and the words "and shine forth" are in a simple black font underneath.

The Crystal glass is sealed in a silver plated "princess setting" and is shown here with the 16" silver plated snake chain.  This is an elegant design sure to please any teen!  It is listed here.

Remember that all of my YW jewelry can be purchased for a great discount when buying them for groups over 10.  If you have a girls group that would be interested in purchasing these, please email me directly for pricing:  julkid@gmail.com
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