He was a Miracle from Heaven

As I look in the world around me there is sadness, pain, chaos, doubt, fear, and a lack of faith and hope.  We all need a Miracle.  A Miracle from Heaven.

Our dear Heavenly Father created this miracle for us from even before the creation of this earth.  It was the life, atonement, and death of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.  This is the needed Miracle!!

Jesus has provided us the path, the inspiration, and the needed hope and comfort.  He has paid the price for our sins, and suffered death so that we may all have the hope of the resurrection and living for eternity.  He took away the sting of death.  In Him we find HOPE, JOY and PEACE.

Do we take advantage of this HOPE, JOY and PEACE?  . . . or do we wander through this existence with doubt and fear?

I love this music (by Kenneth Cope) and artwork (by Liz Lemon Swindle)!  It helps me to remember the Miracle that was already given to me from Heaven and feel grateful for the serenity that it provides me.

I pray that your Easter Season was filled with sincere reflection and resolve to take advantage of this Miracle --- I know that mine was. . .


Large Round Domed Photo Pendants in Metal Design

Here are the two fancy large domed pendant settings that I have available to customers.  They are in a brass setting and come with the brass necklace.  The glass itself is 1 1/4" round.

The round metal part will make it larger.  This is a nice long necklace that will look nice as a statement piece, or great paired with some shorter necklaces!

This is the flower setting -- great for photos of children and girls.

This is the setting that would be great for photos of boys and men.

Large Rectangle Glass Custom Photo Key Chain

My sister-in-law asked me to make a key chain of her two children so that she can show people who they are when she's out and about.  She originally wanted a double sided glass tile.  But I really don't have a way of doing that with glass yet, so I put both photos onto a large rectangle piece of glass and inserted that glass into a metal tray.

This particular key chain I decided to use mixed metals.  Mixed metals is something that is gaining popularity in the world.  This is a keepsake that will celebrate the differences that all children have.  No child is just like the other!

I believe it turned out bright and fun -- great for this spring time!  I hope that she will love it!  Her daughter just left to serve a mission in Taiwan and her son will be off to college this year -- so this will be a way that she can keep her memories of them alive.

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