Newborn Photo Shoot

I was able to take the photos from my nieces newborn baby photo shoot and make several gifts for her.  They really turned out cute.  I especially wanted to try a few different things that I could share with everyone.

On the magnet set, I wanted to use the puffy square glass and the large oval domed glass.  I love how they compliment each other and this magnet set turned out so very precious!

I wanted to do the same sort of thing on the Bag Charm.  My niece is a hair stylist and she is excited to hang this charm cluster in her booth!  I used the new vintage brass clasp and chain along with matching beads and dangles.

The brass vintage layered necklace ended up being very delightful with the large domed oval glass set in this vintage filigree pendant setting.

 These are just a few ideas that you can have made with some of those darling photos that you have taken. :)


Christmas Glass Pendants with Metallic Photo Paper

I've gotten my Christmas line of glass pendants listed!!  Better yet, I'm listing them with a great introductory price --- at only $6.50!!  This will include the Waterproof Resin that I put on all of my pendants and the chain or cord of your choice.

What I really like about these pendants is the kind of paper that I printed the images on.  It is a metallic photo paper with a pearlescent surface.  I send these images to a professional photo print shop out of state and I just love the job that they do in printing.

I'm already thinking of people that I can surprise with one of these as a gift!  Friends, family, coworkers, teachers, etc. etc. . . 

Hope everyone gets them early so they can wear them a lot during the season.  Because I know that they are going to absolutely love them!

You can find them listed online in our shop here.

 NOTE:  I only have 1 of each listed, so if you'd like to purchase more than one of a design, please email me and I'll make you a custom listing.  julkid@gmail.com


Be Still and Know that I am God

I awoke before 5am this morning to run my husband down to his car pool ride.  Upon returning to my home it was quiet and still.  I decided to watch a couple of religious devotionals and took time to ponder and reflect on Gods purpose for me and my life.

Sometimes I rush too much.  Try to accomplish and do too much.  More is not always better. . . 

I must take time to think about God, to read his word, to ponder His ways . . . 

This pendant that I designed for this season's inspirational line fits into this train of thought ---

Be Still and Know that I am God!

How can we know what God wants us to do if we don't listen.

How can we listen if we aren't still and quiet.

I must take time in the quiet to think about God and His plan for me.

I need to take time to "Be Still"


 My niece, Madison, spent 6 months in China during 2010 teaching English.  She loved her time there and had many cherished memories.  Her mother asked me to make Madison a memory key chain that would help her remember the great times that she spent in China.  This is what I made for her.

I looked at the photos that her mother wanted to use and chose 3 of them that could be made in different sizes.  I made a rectangle one out of the photo of the whole class of students.  This rectangle glass really lends itself to group or landscape shots.  Then I chose a 1 inch square to encase the photo of Madison sitting in a great stone window overlooking a large mountain.  I wanted to finish off the design with a round photo charm and chose to use a 1 inch domed glass set in a silver pendant tray.

A 3/4" Sterling Silver disc has the location and year hand stamped and then brushed and polished.  A 3/8" copper disc has Madison's initials "M R".  Then to finish off the creation I used several wrapped green pearls and some large purple dangle beads.  I love how this Memory Charm Cluster Key Chain turned out and I'm sure that Madison will absolutely love it too!  (She's now serving on a church mission in Taiwan so it's being sent to her for her birthday.)

I've gone ahead and made a listing for a Custom Memory Charm Cluster in our Etsy Shop.  You can have me create a travel, friendship, wedding, or any other type of Memory Charm Cluster that you can dream up.  I can't wait to create some more fun memories for someone else!  You can find the listing here.

More Arise and Shine Pendants Designed and Listed

I've got 3 more of my designs for the "Arise and Shine" YW Mutual 2012 Theme made up, photographed and listed online.  I love to make many options of size, color and design because we are all so different and are drawn to diverse options.

The first design was made to follow in the footstep of the "Blue Collage We Believe" pendant from last year.  It was a very popular pendant and I wanted to do one similar to it.  It is on the small puffy rectangle glass which has a great jewelry look to it.  The verse has different fonts and colors in warm colors -  you could call it a yummy chocolate orange with a hint of lemon and vanilla . . . yum yum. . .
This pendant will come with the vintage copper colored bail and chain.  The chain comes in a 24" length and can be cut shorter once it arrives to fit the recipient.  This pendant is listed here.

The next design is a bold one in a sea foam green color.  The word "arise" is written in white and is in the background behind.  The "Shine Forth" is big and bold in a great unique and fun font.  Then the rest of the words to the verse are underneath in small print, "that thy light may be a standard for the nations".

This design comes with the silver toned metal bail and a choice of chains and cords.  The shiny black ball chain shown here is a great choice, it can also be cut to fit the girl wearing the pendant.  This pendant is listed here.

The third of these designs is a simple fun one in a green and pink motif --- which most every girl loves, right?  I wanted to make something in a round design, so I chose to put this graphic in my crystal 1 inch round glass that has beautiful hand beveled edges all around the glass.  It is exquisite!  I love how the light and images play through this glass -- it is just mesmerizing to look at!

The design includes a simple pink tree arising up in the middle of the pendant.  The word "Arise" is scripted in a great font and the words "and shine forth" are in a simple black font underneath.

The Crystal glass is sealed in a silver plated "princess setting" and is shown here with the 16" silver plated snake chain.  This is an elegant design sure to please any teen!  It is listed here.

Remember that all of my YW jewelry can be purchased for a great discount when buying them for groups over 10.  If you have a girls group that would be interested in purchasing these, please email me directly for pricing:  julkid@gmail.com


Leather Wrap Celtic Stone -- New Bracelet for the Tradewinds Collection

Our "Tradewinds Collection" -- is a beautiful collection of triple row leather and gemstone bracelets intricately hand woven in our home studio here in the Rocky Mountains.  These bracelets are designed to take the wearer away to a peaceful place in nature.

We are introducing the 2nd bracelet in the "Tradewinds Collection" --  Celtic Stone.

The Southwest Dream Bracelet was the 1st of the "Tradewinds Collection" to be introduced.  It has been much loved and very popular since its induction.

I made the Celtic Stone bracelet with a row of 3/4" natural stones that have been tumbled and polished.  They are in varying colors of brown.  It is very addicting to rub your hands over these stones . . . all lying politely in a row.  Then to highlight and compliment the natural large stones, I double stitched a row of small white shell beads on both sides of the brown stones.

The natural appeal of this bracelet is breathtaking I believe.

Then, there is the Celtic Knot on the button.  Celtic Knots symbolize the eternal nature of our human and generational bonds.  The strands are interwoven, touching each other, without an end.  Just as we touch each other's lives with our actions.

When I look at the path of natural stones in this bracelet, I think of how nature plays such a huge part in our lives -- how we as humans are dependent on this earth that God created for us and should feel more gratitude in our hearts for what we have.  Then the button helps me to remember where my ancestors have come from and the heritage that they gave to me (1/4 of my blood runs Scottish) -- and of course -- how my actions and life effects the coming generations.  It is truly . . . "one eternal round".

I hope that you like this "Celtic Stone" bracelet as much as I do!  You can find it listed in our Etsy store here.


Arise and Shine Forth

I've been working on designing new jewelry to go with the new LDS YW Mutal Theme for 2012, which is, "Arise and Shine Forth that thy Light may be a Standard for the Nations".  

The design has a vintage map of the world in the background, since the verse talks about being a "light" to all nations.  Then I made the word "arise" in a larger ivory colored font that would represent the light arising to be an example to all.  

On this oval design it just says, "arise and shine forth" to be simply stated.  I encased the design in a brass fancy setting with a domed glass cabochon over the top of it.  The pendant will hang from a 24" brass link necklace with a lobster clasp.  

I'm really excited about how awesome these first designs came together and I'll be listing them shortly in both of my online shops.  Like always, I will be offering generous discounts to YW groups who would like to buy over 10 of them at a time.

I'll be continuing to work on some more designs.  If you have some ideas of what you'd like to see . . . let me know. :) -- Julie


Custom Photo Gifts

Lately I've been busy making some photo gifts.  I'd like to share a couple of them with you.

This beautiful large glass rectangle was hooked to a vintage copper chain and split ring with a copper washer which I hand stamped "GRANDPA".  This unique key chain is a great gift option for one of those important men in your life.

Another one of the gifts that I made was with a photo of the same darling little girl.  This charm bracelet has a small photo glass tile which is the same size as a scrabble game tile piece (3/4").  It dangles from a chunky silver plated charm bracelet which is 7" with a lobster clasp and extension chain.


Baby Footprints Keepsake

I recently completed an order in our Etsy shop, "The Copper Pearl", with our new 1 inch puffy glass.  It was an order for the "Baby Footprints Glass Pendant Keepsake".

I love how the rounded corners and edges are so delicate.  They really look nice on this baby keepsake.

Do you know someone who had a baby recently who would love this keepsake as a gift?  You can choose which chain or cord you would like to have sent with your pendant.  It is shown here with the 18" black leather cord.

Great Mother's Day, Birthday, Christmas, or congratulations on your new baby gift!  All you need to know is the baby's name and birthday.  Perfect!


Bohemian Style Woven Jewelry

Bohemian style jewelry is a hot trend these days.  You can see the gypsy style influence in many boutiques and popular shops.  It is especially a great design to wear during the warm summer months.  The style is great with casual styles and can be worn to the mountains or the beach with ease.

Pearls, gemstones and crystals are woven with natural threads, cords and leathers.  I've already highlighted the woven leather wraps that we've been making to sell in our Etsy shop, "The Copper Pearl".  I'd like to highlight some of the other fun jewelry that we've been making.

It has been so fun to learn and grow in our knowledge of knot tying and weaving beads.  I remember doing macrame hanging baskets back in the 70's.  So it is very fun to now take that knowledge using smaller cords and threads and make beautiful jewelry!

Macrame originated from the 13th century Arab.  It is a form of textile making where a knotting technique is used rather than knitting or weaving.  Macrame was originally used by sailors to decorate anything -- from knife handles to parts of the ships.  This particular technique has trickled down to the fashion industry.

Here are some of the earrings that my daughter, Annie, made to place in our shop.  She is especially agile with her fingers and the treads just fly while she is making these!  I especially like the earrings using the turquoise colored thread with the small copper colored seed beads.

These round hoop earrings are very similar to some made by designer Chaun Luu.  Of course, she charges 5 times more for hers than we do. :)

Annie, also made this intricate woven bracelet which we call, Jungle Dance.  I just love how the light dances off of the beads and how the knotting makes them all lay in a random fashion.

 I'm sure that we'll be doing a lot more exploring and sharing of these particular art in the future -- we sure are having great fun creating new pieces of jewelry!


Leather Wrap with Triple Row of Beads and Southwest Button

I wanted to design a leather wrap that would act like a cuff and lay flat against your wrist, yet still have the play and fun of the rows of beads and leather.  I wanted one without the knots that I usually use in my other leather wraps.

This new southwest style bracelet fits what I set out to do!  I just love it!  I wear it everywhere and get many compliments about the style and color choice.


I've listed it in our Etsy shop, The Copper Pearl, and I can make one just like it to fit your wrist size.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and if there are certain color combinations that you'd love to see me use.



Key Chain for Dad

I've really wanted to make a key chain that was more manly and especially one that could be used for all of those wonderful Dads out there.  Of course, because I tend to procrastinate too much, I waited until after Father's Day to make it!

Actually, a photographer customer wrote and said that one of her clients requested something that she could give her husband.  So, I sat down and designed this little number.  I used a copper ring to hand stamp the word DAD in it (of course I could hand stamp any other word here).  I also used a aged copper metal bail, chain and a copper key ring.  I like the rustic look and my hubby said that it was a keeper!

A link to this key chain listed in my shop HERE.

I'd love to hear what you think or if you have any ideas of something you'd like to see me design or make!


Glass Tile Key Chain of my Family

I have been trying to get this key chain of my family completed for some time now. . . and I finally put the finishing touches on it last night.

I love this photo of my 4 sons and this one of my daughter.  So instead of just a family shot, I did different tiles for the favorite shots of my family.

I had a really hard time getting photos of this key chain this morning.  The sun wanted to wash out the glass tiles or put sun spots on them.  I believe that you can get a good idea though of how it looks.  But believe me, in person it is much better. :)

I used a copper ring and hook, so I wanted to use pearl beads that were copper color and the peacock color of the resin on the back of the tiles.  I absolutely LOVE how the colors turned out!!!

I couldn't have been happier. Oh, and I just love how they all feel in my hand!  I must be a touch person, but I just adore how the glass tiles with the resin on the back feel so smooth and the beads all feel like little pebbles . . . .  ok, ok, I'll quit my obsessing!


Motivational Monday -- Finding Peace -- A lesson from my Dad

Lost jobs, rising gas and groceries prices, natural calamities, broken homes, moral decline, political unrest and rumors of war.  These and many more are all are things that we are experiencing as a people.  Where can we possibly turn for peace?

The Prince of Peace said in John 14:27: “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

Can we really find peace while the world is in chaos all around us?

A couple of weeks ago my husband was hurt in an ATV accident.  He fractured his L2 vertebrae and has to wear a body brace (turtle shell) for at least 3 months.  Because of this he is off of work for the summer.  This has been a strain on our family as you can imagine.

Yesterday was Father's Day and we had my married son and his wife over and after dinner we were playing a game.  There was laughing, smiling, and an awesome feeling in the home.  It was a great day.  My husband commented that you can find happiness and peace in the small things.  He found so much peace and contentment in a simple evening at home with the family.

Speaking of Father's Day, my Dad taught me about finding peace.

Dad was a kind, faithful, reserved, knowledgeable and hard working sort of man.  It's been almost 18 years since my Dad passed away.  But his memory and lessons taught me still live on.  He grew up on a small farm in southern Colorado in a 2 room home.  They lived off of the land, rode the horses to school and made do with what they had.  He grew up during the depression, fought in World War II in the pacific islands, raised 8 children, and was an example to many.

The one thing that I'd like to point today about Dad, was that he rarely complained.  We lived a simple farm life, we didn't have much, but I never heard him complaining nor coveting what we didn't have.  Dad looked for the good in situations and people.  This was his Faith.  Faith is an action word and my dad personified faith.  Always working towards a righteous goal with belief and hope in his heart.  Never failing to believe that he couldn't make things work, make them better, make himself and us better.  I rarely saw a hint of discouragement or grief in my Dad.  It was always Faith.

Faith in the Prince of Peace.

My dad had a very strong and active faith in his Savior, Jesus Christ.  I believe that it was through Jesus and His Spirit that my dad found the peace and comfort that he needed in those hard times.  The peace that helped him to stay strong and endure to the end.

Today I will remember my Dad and remember to look to my Savior for needed peace. . .


New Trend -- Leather Gem Wrap

Actress Gabrielle Anwar of "Burn Notice" in a Chan Luu wrap bracelets
This trend of wearing lots of bright colored bracelets and wraps is fun and addicting.  These unique leather wraps with gems enclosed between two strands of leather can be found on celebrities and in posh boutiques.
Chan Luu wrap bracelet listed on Zappos

I've spent many hours the past month or so learning how to create these beautiful wraps.  I have made a couple of them that I'd like to share.  The first one is in my birthstone -- the amethyst.

The wrap is 23 inches long.  It can be wrapped around my wrist 3 times and has an adjustable loop for someone with a smaller wrist than mine.

The second one that I made is just 14 inches long.  It can be wrapped around most ladies wrists 2 times.  It was made with a soft pink leather and pink semi-previous stones, crystals and pearls.  It closes with a darling silver heart.

The possibilities are endless in making wraps.  I have so many ideas that I want to try!  I just need the time and resources to explore more of the creations that are swimming around in my head. . . .


Antique Brass Necklace with Custom Large Domed Glass Photo Pendant

I made this special antique photo necklace for a great professional photographer customer of mine.  It turned out so well that I'd like to share it with everyone.

  I used my gorgeous new domed large oval glass and set it in a brass metal setting.  Then using brass chain, leaf charms and a matching pearl, I created this awesome brass necklace that anyone would love to have!

It is a long necklace -- 30" long.   So, the large glass setting will dangle down below your chest.  The pearl sets up higher -- I love this type of layered necklace!

If you would like me to make a necklace for you with your special photo and matching pearl -- you can find the link here.

I can make this same design in a silver or copper color too!

I would be happy to create a custom variation for you if you have something else in mine.  You can always shoot me an email and we'll discuss your ideas.  Email:  LittleKeepsakesStudio@gmail.com

Stacie Petta of Sweet Child of Mine Photography took the gorgeous photos of this necklace!
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