My Favorite Time of Year

Fall is definately my favorite season!

I adore the cool nights but yet warm days. The days are getting a little shorter. School is starting -- there are football games, homecoming, marching band. There are goals and hopes of a better scholastic year!

Holidays are coming --
Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas

Families are thinking of one another.

The leaves are turning colors --- beautiful and magnificient shades of red, orange and yellow. I live near the rocky mountains and taking a drive in the canyons during this time of year is a must!


Remember September 11th with Hope

I'm writing this just minutes before September 11th officially begins here in Utah. I am reflective about the past 8 years and wondering what lessons I as an individual, we as a nation, and for sure, all of humanity has learned and implemented in each of our lives since the tragedy happened. When the Twin Towers in New York City were destroyed it was indeed a bleak day for us here on the earth. Many wondered what would happen next and feared the worst. A tremendous amount of lives were forever changed and molded by this event. I pray that the changes were for the good. I hope that more people have found true meaning in their lives, have turned to God, and have decided to be committed to those things that mean the most in their lives.

Take a minute and view this video that shares how a man who was there has learned to have hope.


Trade for Boxes

I made a fun trade a few weeks ago and I was very pleased with what I received in the trade. I traded some custom pendants and magnet for 10 folded, decorated boxes. Angilyn from Simple Tastes hand folds gorgeous boxes that can be used for a variety of uses. She also makes chocolates during the holidays and shows some of the boxes holding her sweets. There are adorable little party favor boxes that cater to children and fantastic ones that can be used at an adult party. For those who need to hostess a party or have a wedding coming up --- these would really come in handy! I chose the brown and blue boxes since that combination of colors is one of my favorites! The folds were precise and the box was very sturdy. I was looking for a box to package my glass rings and other items that I sell which don't fit into my gift tins. The boxes are just the key!
Cute, sturdy, light and fit nicely in the bubble mailer. Thanks Angilyn for giving something very useful and gorgeous to boot!


Bloom Where You're Planted

Bloom where you're Planted, new inspirational pendant in my shop
Have you ever wished that your life was different? I know that I can say that I'm guilty in that regard! Throughout my life I have watched others and have envied their seemingly over abundance of financial and physical blessings and begrudged my lack thereof. I have envied other mothers who seemed to have very obedient and compliant children that were also blessed and talented in many ways. Then I went on to regret the trials and struggles that my own children faced in their lives.

Do any of my thoughts and feelings ring true to your heart? If so, maybe this quote will be a good reminder to you as it is for me! "Bloom where you're Planted". This is one of my new glass pendant designs.

There are no coincidences in life. God has a plan for each and everyone of us. What we do with what we're given is our choice. Will we make the most of our blessings? When the torrential rains and fierce winds bear down on us, will we bloom or will we be content to wilt and let our potentials wither away with each new trial that we face? Will our trials prove to strengthen us and refine us into great warriors for Christ or will we become resentful, bitter and toxic to everyone around us?

The choice is ours --- I choose to Bloom!
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