Slider Beads

I was excited to see my glass tiles that are being sold as slider beads or pendants show up on the website -- Mobile-Boutique.com.

I was contracted to make 30 different designs. They were the petite glass tiles which are the same size as the scrabble tiles. It took me a couple of weeks to get them all completed and shipped out. I'm sure hoping that people find them fun to use in their jewelry designs. The owner will be taking them to different bead shows that they do to introduce them along with other "Handmade in USA" designs.

I will be trying to make a few watch band designs myself for fun. I'm thinking that a "heritage" watch would be really cool with photo glass beads of my ancestors along with other victorian looking beads and connectors.


Kanzashi --- A new find!

I have found an art form that I haven't seen before in which I've fallen in love! It is Tsumami Kanzashi --- basically it is folding fabric into intricate floral patterns to make hair ornaments. It's an old Japanese art form. Think of origami and then substitue fabric for paper! Here are a couple of sites and pictures that I've found to show the art.

Kanzashi Garden

What is Tsumami Kanzashi?The word “Tsumami” means to pinch – specifically, pinching a square piece of fabric to form a shape. The word “Kanzashi” means hairpin. Tsumami Kanzashi is a traditional Japanese art form that dates back over 200 years. Tsumami kanzashi is most often seen worn by maiko (apprentice geisha) and young girls for shichi-go-san celebrations however, with the revival of traditional arts, and a younger generation appreciating them – tsumami kanzashi have become quite a fashionable accessory to be worn both with contemporary clothing and kimono.

There are a couple of sellers on Etsy that are using this art form in their projects. I really like how the fabric folds into the petals!
Yellowish ivory chrysanthemum barrette made by Goche Moche on Etsy

Made by Thea Starr on Etsy -- Gorgeous Creamy Material!

There is a new book out that I'm dying to get! It's now on my amazon wish list!

4/26/11 -- It is very interesting that this art that I discovered over 18 months and wrote about in this post  is now very popular and I've found many, many artists who have embraced creating flowers out of fabric and have sites on Etsy and Artfire where they are selling their beautiful fabric flower art!!  


24th July Celebration -- Vendor Booth

Little Keepsakes Vendor Booth
Here in Utah the state celebrates the day that the Pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley -- July 24th. In all of the towns and cities across the state there is some sort of celebration to honor this event. Here in my home town we now have our big celebration on the Saturday following the 24th and call it Tremonton City Days. We decided to open up a vendor booth for the celebration and see what kind of reception we would get for our handmade glass items.
I placed my glass pendants in boxs according to sizes and prices.

This table was a BIG HIT!
Many people were really impressed with the Custom Photo
Jewelry and Magnets that I do and took business cards
and information to get back with me about doing things for Christmas.

Doing this booth provided me with a great way to sell pendants that I have discontinued on my online sites!

My husband and daughter mostly sat at the booth for the entire day --- bless their hearts! My husband actually loves doing these kinds of things and had a blast! We had to be set up by 8am and had a window from 5-7pm to take things down. From 4-5:30pm was probably the most productive time.
Many people liked the rings and looked at them --
I think that I'll make some round Twilight New Moon ones!

We got some good response for our first time. The magnetic steel chokers were a big hit -- of course my husband loves those and did a great job promoting them :) I also had a clearance box of pendants whose designs I'm not selling anymore -- they sold really well also.

We made this really nifty necklace stand out of pvc pipe and then wrapped it in ribbons.
It was a great way to display the many choices of necklaces that I have!

All in all we did good and we're looking forward to the next event.


Photographer's Package

Shoot the Moon Photography

1 inch Glass Pendant, 18" silver plated flat link chain and storage tin and magnet

Package completed for Joy Vertz with Shoot the Moon Photography
She does some awesome work with the camera!

I've completed several packages for professional photographers which includes pendants, keyrings, and/or magnets of their client.
Magnets are great to display on fridge, lockers, file cabinet, etc.

I always love working with these photos --- such CUTE kids! I'm always in awe at the work of professional photographers!!
2 inch crystal clear glass with very strong rare earth magnet on the back

If you are a professional photographer, or know of one, maybe you would like to consider giving your clients one of these cute packages along with their pictures. I'm sure that you would be a "cut above the rest" for such a promotion.

Tiny Glass Charm the size of a Scrabble Tile (3/4") with snake chain.

1 inch Crystal Clear Glass with medium bail
24" silver plated ball chain necklace
matching storage/gift tin
If you want to buy these from my shop, I will give you a great deal and the discount will get even better as you buy more! Go ahead and email me: julkid@gmail.com or littlekeepsakesstudio@gmail.com


Quiz: What is your interior style?

The International School of Color and Design offers this quiz to help you find your interior decorating style.

My design style came out to be a "nostalgic nest". It sounded a lot like me: Doesn't like trends, down to earth, enjoys indoor and outdoor living, adorns home with unique items from travel, displays photo albums and happy memories, makes own treasures. Yep, sounds like me!


Spreading Out during the Slow Time

Things have been a little slow during the past month in my Etsy Shop so I decided to take some time and improve my presence online. I've been reading posts in the Etsy Forum about many people's disgust at how Etsy management has been handling the SEO problem and have blamed their slow (or lack thereof) views and sales to these problems. I've not really too technologically savy to know whether they are correct or not and I'm not completly certain how to optimize my site for better views or not.

For the past 6 months I've done nothing but spend 10-12 hours a day getting my shop on Etsy better and trying to best serve by customers. Of course this has gotten me to the point of having over 800 hearts and 1,100 sales plus many wholesale sales.

I'm definately not complaining! I know that I've had success beyond that or many newcomers to Etsy and selling crafts on the web! I am grateful for that and I thank the Lord for His goodness in my behalf. I will for sure be thankful for all of my blessings that I've recieved!! But I now feel that it is time that I spread my virtual wings and make a larger presence on the web.

I've opened a shop on Artfire now --- LittleKeepsakesStudio --- and I've started this blog. I've also started an account on Flickr --- also called LittleKeepsakesStudio --- and I uploaded a bunch of my pictures of my pendant creations to that account. So, I'm starting!! I still have a lot to do, however. One thing that I really want to do is to read up on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and to know better how to make my pages in the different shops that I open to be the ones that will come up on the top of the lists when search for in Google.

It's all a huge learning process and I pray that I can make myself even more successful during the upcoming Holiday season (Christmas). Yeh, I know that it's a ways off, but I need to plan!
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