Stand in Holy Places Locket

This fun antique brass locket has a custom glass piece adhered onto the front of the locket.  The glass piece features a photo of the door knob on the Salt Lake Temple.  

This special knob has special symbols carved into the metal.  The seashell on the bottom of the knob is a symbol for water and cleansing -- signifying spiritual cleansing through baptism.  The Beehive in the middle of the knob is a symbol of work industry, work of the Lord and Honey (which signifies the Promised Land).  The words, "Holiness to the Lord" on the knob show that the Temple is the House of God.

Inside of this beautiful brass locket I have placed the YW Theme for 2013:  "Stand in Holy Places and Be not moved, until the day of the Lord come; for behold, it cometh quickly, saith the Lord."

This Locket will come with an 18"-24" matching link necklace.  It will be packaged in a beautiful fabric gift bag.  The locket is 1" round.

Look here for more information: YW Gifts Page

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