LDS Young Woman Theme for 2013

The LDS Young Woman Theme for 2013 has been officially announced and I have been working on designs for a new line of jewelry to go with the theme.  I'm very excited about how many of the designs are working out and will be highlighting and releasing them for purchase in a little over a week.

The theme comes from D&C 87:8 and says, "Stand in Holy Places until the day of the Lord come, for behold, it cometh quickly, saith the Lord."

I'd love to hear any requests or comments on what you'd like to see created and available for purchase.  I love making these available for Young Women groups and will continue to have discounted bulk options available.  I've had many groups (wards and stakes) purchase them for a variety of purposes --- YW in Excellence, New Beginnings, Birthdays, Christmas, Girls Camp, Stake Activities, Trek, etc.

Do you have any ideas or requests???

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