Newborn Photo Shoot

I was able to take the photos from my nieces newborn baby photo shoot and make several gifts for her.  They really turned out cute.  I especially wanted to try a few different things that I could share with everyone.

On the magnet set, I wanted to use the puffy square glass and the large oval domed glass.  I love how they compliment each other and this magnet set turned out so very precious!

I wanted to do the same sort of thing on the Bag Charm.  My niece is a hair stylist and she is excited to hang this charm cluster in her booth!  I used the new vintage brass clasp and chain along with matching beads and dangles.

The brass vintage layered necklace ended up being very delightful with the large domed oval glass set in this vintage filigree pendant setting.

 These are just a few ideas that you can have made with some of those darling photos that you have taken. :)

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