Leather Wrap Celtic Stone -- New Bracelet for the Tradewinds Collection

Our "Tradewinds Collection" -- is a beautiful collection of triple row leather and gemstone bracelets intricately hand woven in our home studio here in the Rocky Mountains.  These bracelets are designed to take the wearer away to a peaceful place in nature.

We are introducing the 2nd bracelet in the "Tradewinds Collection" --  Celtic Stone.

The Southwest Dream Bracelet was the 1st of the "Tradewinds Collection" to be introduced.  It has been much loved and very popular since its induction.

I made the Celtic Stone bracelet with a row of 3/4" natural stones that have been tumbled and polished.  They are in varying colors of brown.  It is very addicting to rub your hands over these stones . . . all lying politely in a row.  Then to highlight and compliment the natural large stones, I double stitched a row of small white shell beads on both sides of the brown stones.

The natural appeal of this bracelet is breathtaking I believe.

Then, there is the Celtic Knot on the button.  Celtic Knots symbolize the eternal nature of our human and generational bonds.  The strands are interwoven, touching each other, without an end.  Just as we touch each other's lives with our actions.

When I look at the path of natural stones in this bracelet, I think of how nature plays such a huge part in our lives -- how we as humans are dependent on this earth that God created for us and should feel more gratitude in our hearts for what we have.  Then the button helps me to remember where my ancestors have come from and the heritage that they gave to me (1/4 of my blood runs Scottish) -- and of course -- how my actions and life effects the coming generations.  It is truly . . . "one eternal round".

I hope that you like this "Celtic Stone" bracelet as much as I do!  You can find it listed in our Etsy store here.

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