Arise and Shine Forth

I've been working on designing new jewelry to go with the new LDS YW Mutal Theme for 2012, which is, "Arise and Shine Forth that thy Light may be a Standard for the Nations".  

The design has a vintage map of the world in the background, since the verse talks about being a "light" to all nations.  Then I made the word "arise" in a larger ivory colored font that would represent the light arising to be an example to all.  

On this oval design it just says, "arise and shine forth" to be simply stated.  I encased the design in a brass fancy setting with a domed glass cabochon over the top of it.  The pendant will hang from a 24" brass link necklace with a lobster clasp.  

I'm really excited about how awesome these first designs came together and I'll be listing them shortly in both of my online shops.  Like always, I will be offering generous discounts to YW groups who would like to buy over 10 of them at a time.

I'll be continuing to work on some more designs.  If you have some ideas of what you'd like to see . . . let me know. :) -- Julie


  1. These are perfect! If possible I would love to get these for our YW for Christmas. How much would it cost for approx. 24?

  2. These are a fantastic gift idea for Christmas! Every year I send off YW groups a bunch for their Christmas gifts. I offer them at a wholesale price for groups so they can afford these quality necklaces. I will email you the details.

  3. I would like to buy one of the above necklaces for my daughter who is a mission in Taiwan. What do they cost and how soon could I get one?

  4. You can order this through my Etsy store -- here is the link to all of the LDS pendants.


    It would take me 4 days to complete it and then I'd ship it to you.

  5. Please let me know what the discount is so I will know if we can afford it. I appreciate your thoughtfulness! We will buy about 20 of the various 2012 theme necklaces. Do you also have them as keychains? A few of my YW don't wear jewelry so key chains would be awesome. Thanks!

  6. The discounts on the pendants are around $5 a piece (depending on the quantity purchased and the style that you'd like). This includes the pendant, chain and they are individually packaged in a fabric gift bag. Yes, I can make some into a simple keychain if you would like that option. You can email me directly with any other questions:


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