Bohemian Style Woven Jewelry

Bohemian style jewelry is a hot trend these days.  You can see the gypsy style influence in many boutiques and popular shops.  It is especially a great design to wear during the warm summer months.  The style is great with casual styles and can be worn to the mountains or the beach with ease.

Pearls, gemstones and crystals are woven with natural threads, cords and leathers.  I've already highlighted the woven leather wraps that we've been making to sell in our Etsy shop, "The Copper Pearl".  I'd like to highlight some of the other fun jewelry that we've been making.

It has been so fun to learn and grow in our knowledge of knot tying and weaving beads.  I remember doing macrame hanging baskets back in the 70's.  So it is very fun to now take that knowledge using smaller cords and threads and make beautiful jewelry!

Macrame originated from the 13th century Arab.  It is a form of textile making where a knotting technique is used rather than knitting or weaving.  Macrame was originally used by sailors to decorate anything -- from knife handles to parts of the ships.  This particular technique has trickled down to the fashion industry.

Here are some of the earrings that my daughter, Annie, made to place in our shop.  She is especially agile with her fingers and the treads just fly while she is making these!  I especially like the earrings using the turquoise colored thread with the small copper colored seed beads.

These round hoop earrings are very similar to some made by designer Chaun Luu.  Of course, she charges 5 times more for hers than we do. :)

Annie, also made this intricate woven bracelet which we call, Jungle Dance.  I just love how the light dances off of the beads and how the knotting makes them all lay in a random fashion.

 I'm sure that we'll be doing a lot more exploring and sharing of these particular art in the future -- we sure are having great fun creating new pieces of jewelry!

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