Glass Tile Key Chain of my Family

I have been trying to get this key chain of my family completed for some time now. . . and I finally put the finishing touches on it last night.

I love this photo of my 4 sons and this one of my daughter.  So instead of just a family shot, I did different tiles for the favorite shots of my family.

I had a really hard time getting photos of this key chain this morning.  The sun wanted to wash out the glass tiles or put sun spots on them.  I believe that you can get a good idea though of how it looks.  But believe me, in person it is much better. :)

I used a copper ring and hook, so I wanted to use pearl beads that were copper color and the peacock color of the resin on the back of the tiles.  I absolutely LOVE how the colors turned out!!!

I couldn't have been happier. Oh, and I just love how they all feel in my hand!  I must be a touch person, but I just adore how the glass tiles with the resin on the back feel so smooth and the beads all feel like little pebbles . . . .  ok, ok, I'll quit my obsessing!

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