Large Rectangle Glass Custom Photo Key Chain

My sister-in-law asked me to make a key chain of her two children so that she can show people who they are when she's out and about.  She originally wanted a double sided glass tile.  But I really don't have a way of doing that with glass yet, so I put both photos onto a large rectangle piece of glass and inserted that glass into a metal tray.

This particular key chain I decided to use mixed metals.  Mixed metals is something that is gaining popularity in the world.  This is a keepsake that will celebrate the differences that all children have.  No child is just like the other!

I believe it turned out bright and fun -- great for this spring time!  I hope that she will love it!  Her daughter just left to serve a mission in Taiwan and her son will be off to college this year -- so this will be a way that she can keep her memories of them alive.

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