Puffy Rectangle Glass for Custom Photo Pendants

The new puffy rectangle glass that I have works wonderfully either horizontal or vertical as a custom photo pendant.

Here are some new photos of custom photo work in this very beautiful and elegant glass.  It is about 3/4" wide and 1 1/4" long.

As always, all of my custom photo pendants will come with two necklace options -- choice of 16" black satin cord or silver snake chain and a 24" tiny ball chain necklace.  This gives the wearer of the necklace more versatility in wearing the pendant.

Each of the Little Keepsakes Pendants will come tucked inside a photo tin.  These are great for gift giving and for storing your keepsake.

My pendants are waterproof on the back since I take the time to cover the back of the photo paper with another paper, seal them, and then pour a layer of epoxy resin over the back.  This step takes a bunch of extra time for me to do -- but enhances the pendant and increases its value.

A listing in my shop for this size of glass is HERE.

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