Spiritual Renewal found on "LifeinGrace"

Today I ran across an incredible story.  Through moist eyes I read of a woman's experience during the week of Christmas losing her home to fire.  Fire took it all.  All 6 in their family and 2 animals escaped without harm.  But the home is totally gone.  Her name is Edie.  The blog in which Edie shares tidbits and emotions from her life is called LifeinGrace.  She is a devoted Christian woman who blogs from her heart.

I was totally inspired and touched by Edie's experience of friends and family coming their rescue.  She writes, "My heart is full and grateful.  I am overwhelmingly sad and yet unable to stop rejoicing. My mother is amazing. My husband is my rock. My children are so incredibly brave. I am blessed beyond measure. It’s as if our friends and family have become the  hands and feet of Christ, bringing love and help and healing."

Edie speaks openly about her love of the Savior and His goodness and mercy to her and her family.  She is lifted up, nurtured and is beginning to heal from this awful tragedy because of her steadfastness in Christ and His love and unconditional love for each one of us.

My love for the Savior is renewed upon reading this touching story.  Christ does live.  He will lift us up in our times of trouble and need.  He gives us Hope.

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