Not4Sale Fundraiser Pendants -- Help for the Abused in Asia

For the past several months I have been involved in producing glass pendants for a non-profit organization in Canada that is helping to combat the problem of children in Thailand and Cambodia being used for sexual slavery.  Children (as young as 3 years old) are sold to brothels and held against their will and forced to perform sexual acts with grown men.  Many of the men that come to these brothels are tourists from western countries (many from the United States).

John Walsh, from the show America's Most Wanted, has filmed an undercover documentary about the sex trade in Cambodia and exposes the reality of the abuse these children are experiencing.  For more information about his film please read this article in USATODAY.

Not4Sale is raising awareness and and collecting funds to help the Victory Childrens Home.  Their goal is to rescue underage girls from bars and brothels and place them in "safe havens where they can be loved, nurtured, educated and ultimately restored".

Not4Sale are selling the glass pendants that I am producing for them to raise the funds for this cause.  I am very excited to be a part of this initiative!  I am so sickened and horrified about what is happening to these small innocent children and I am happy to be helping in a small measure to alleviate this evil from a child's life.

To visit their website click Here.  On the website there is a lot of information about the problem and ways in which people can help.

True religion involves helping the downtrodden, rescuing the oppressed and standing up for the defenseless.

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