New 1 inch Puffy Glass

Puffy Glass pendant on top of gift tin.  Isn't she adorable!
I got a bunch of new glass and products to try during the next little bit and see what I'd like to include in my product line.  One of the new glass types that I received was a 1 inch square glass that is called a "puffy glass".

Puffy glass from the front.
The differences between my traditional square 1 inch glass and this new glass is the following.  The point corners on the glass are a lot more rounded.  Because of this, part of the photo will be cut off in the corners.  So, you'll reduce the amount of photo that you'll be able to see.  Another difference is the top edge in rounded down to the bottom so you'll have a little bit more of photo distortion and magnification on the edges of the photo.

Traditional square on left, new Puffy glass on right.
The puffy glass does look more modern with that sleek rounded edge.  For a photo with one person head shot this glass would be great to use.
Showing the nice rounded top edges on the Puffy glass.

I've taken some photos of the two different types of 1 inch glass to show the differences, using the same exact photo printout.

Showing the high profile edge on the left and the round edge on the puffy glass.

Another comparison shot.

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