Learning Curve

I've been a member of Artfire for over a year now and they have so many great applications and features on their site that I really wanted to expand my customer base over to my online shop there.  I'm hoping that I left enough of a trail for customers who want to buy from me to find my products on Artfire.

So, I'm learning lots these days about a new site and how to run all of the nifty applications.  I'm sure that I'll get better as time goes on and you'll see things improving over time . . . change and learning are good, right?

I've opened another fan page on Facebook called "LittleKeepsakesStudio".  I'm hoping to get more of my online presence to be linked to my business name.  This morning I got my Artfire Kiosk loaded onto my fan page -- it is definitely a great application!  Fans can browse right on facebook what I have in my Artfire shop and they can go ahead and make the purchase right there.  These long, long hours are beginning to pay off!

That is one of the benefits that I enjoy about Artfire, my customers don't need to become a member to buy my products.  The checkout is real quick and easy!

If anybody has any questions or comments about my products or business -- please feel free to shoot me an email:  julkid@gmail.com

Thanks a BUNCH to all of my loyal customers for sticking with me through these changes!

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