Just Breathe

I have been so crazy with orders since I wrote last! I've sold over 300 pendants in just a few weeks. I am happy today, because I got all of the foreign orders to the post office. I'm coming up for a little breath. I've also gotten all orders shipped up to Nov. 26th. Tomorrow I hope to finish up the 27th-29th orders.

I am waiting for a few supplies. I can't believe how fast all of my supplies ran out and then my suppliers were out! It's been crazy fun!! I'm sure now that next year during the slow period that I'll decide on my product line earlier and get a stock pile ready. It's a learning process and we're hoping for getting twice as many sales next year -- so I'll be getting better organized during the next few months.

Just today we've been planning a little what we're going to do during the Christmas Holidays and I'm getting excited to do something besides work from morning til early the next morning! I have to remind myself everyday to be grateful for the much needed money and customers and to "Just Breathe". . . .

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