Will the Twilight Movie Stay True to the Book?

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Many people are looking for something to wear to their "New Moon" premier parties and are getting very excited for another movie release. I must admit that I'm getting more excited as the time gets closer.

I'm interested to see if the movie keeps true to the book, or not. I reread the book, New Moon, just a few months ago so I can remember it better when I see the movie. I love it when a movie stays as true to the book as possible -- like the Harry Potter movies have tried to do. I'm always dissapointed when the movie deviates from the book to a point that it's putting a whole new light or spin on the book.

I'm one who likes to read the book beforehand (and encourage my children to do so also) so that I know the "whole story" that the author intended to tell.

When I took my family to the first "Twilight Movie" only my daughter and I had read the book. My adult boys, teenage boy and husband had not and were good sports to go with my daughter and I (since there were mostly women in the theatre).

My husband was totally confused by many things in the movie that weren't as adequately explained in the movie as it was in the book. For instance, they never really explained in the movie about the lack of fangs -- so he was confused when James bites Bella in the ending scenes and there aren't any fang marks. It's just instances like this one in movies that makes me what to read the book first -- so I know the "whole story".

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