Bloom Where You're Planted

Bloom where you're Planted, new inspirational pendant in my shop
Have you ever wished that your life was different? I know that I can say that I'm guilty in that regard! Throughout my life I have watched others and have envied their seemingly over abundance of financial and physical blessings and begrudged my lack thereof. I have envied other mothers who seemed to have very obedient and compliant children that were also blessed and talented in many ways. Then I went on to regret the trials and struggles that my own children faced in their lives.

Do any of my thoughts and feelings ring true to your heart? If so, maybe this quote will be a good reminder to you as it is for me! "Bloom where you're Planted". This is one of my new glass pendant designs.

There are no coincidences in life. God has a plan for each and everyone of us. What we do with what we're given is our choice. Will we make the most of our blessings? When the torrential rains and fierce winds bear down on us, will we bloom or will we be content to wilt and let our potentials wither away with each new trial that we face? Will our trials prove to strengthen us and refine us into great warriors for Christ or will we become resentful, bitter and toxic to everyone around us?

The choice is ours --- I choose to Bloom!


  1. I love your new look, Julie!!! And this...and the magnets! It's all fabulous!!!

    Did the winner of my giveaway get in touch with you? I'm thinking I need to pick another winner...

  2. No, I haven't heard from anyone yet. Sad. Maybe you should choose someone else. Thanks for doing the giveaway -- you did such an awesome job advertising my different styles of pendants! Thanks for the compliment about my blog. It sure takes a lot of work learning how to do everything and getting it going. I still have a lot to do.


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