New Designs and Pendants

I'm so excited about my new pendant designs! I just finished a whole bunch of new designs and they are looking so pretty all in a row!These designs were bought from a talented graphic designer, Lisa, from a shop on Etsy called My Eye's View. They are called Doodle Flowers, Modern Flowers and Sweet Tweet.Along with those cute nature pendants I have a variety of other new designs coming out in my shop on Etsy. There are a few great Twilight Inspired Pendants, Sayings, Vintage Jewels, a Cat, a Dancer, another round butterfly on a vintage music score, and two floral oval glass pendants.
What I'm really thrilled about is the way that the backs of the pendants look!! I've been working at perfecting the backside of my pendants all summer. I've gotten the process down and the resin is smooth as the glass on the front!Many crafters try their hand at making these pendants, but most of them just put a thin layer of spray, varnish, modge podge, or water-based glaze on the backs. Mine was this way also before this summer. I was using a thick layer of water-based glaze on the backs. It was pretty and protected the paper great. But once the customer would sweat or get the pendant a little bit wet, the glaze would become a little bit sticky to the touch. It would also dent some when you pressed sharp objects into the glaze.I was searching for a better way at perserving the art on the pendant and making an overall superior product for my customers. I had considered doing resin on the backs during the winter and had even bought the resin. It took me until this summer to overcome the fear that it was hard and something that wouldn't be pleasant to try.

I've actually really enjoyed using the resin. It is a little sticky and stinky, for sure, but on the whole I haven't had the bubble problem that I was worried about.
So, my pendants have nice hard and durable crystal clear glass on the front of the image. They are made with a premium photo paper that has been professionally printed and sprayed with a preserver to ensure a long lasting bright and clear image. Finally, they have a durable 2-part epoxy resin applied to the back to protect the image from the elements.

I hope that once customers try my pendants that they will be convinced that they are a better option to other mixed media pendants (scrabble, wood, glass with water-based sealer on the back, resin on top of glass) and come again and again!!!

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