Fabric Necklaces

Romantic Silver Screen Star --- Made by Florabond on Etsy

I've been looking at Jewelry made out of fabric lately -- more importantly, necklaces. I'm very intrigued my the many types out there and how popular that they are becoming. Since I was heavily into bag/purse making last year, I have a whole closet full of great material that is calling me to put it's beauty to good use. This may be just the craft for me to express my creativity even further! Here are some great looking fabric necklaces and some tutorials. Gotta love tutorials!!Find this great tutorial by Jessica on her blog, Happy Together, which shows how to make a ribbon necklace with pearls (above) and a great dressy ruffle fabric necklace (below).

Then there are the drapes of fabric that are made from t-shirts! There are actually quite a few tutorials out there about this type of necklace. I found this one from Cumbersome
that I felt was very well done. It is called the 5-minute necklace. These pictured above are actually taken from Urban Outfitters.

Here is another crafty fabric necklace shown on Craft. Jenny Ryan gives a great tutorial on this scrappy fabric necklace.

This one is so adorable on the younger tween/teen! I love it! This tutorial for the Fabric Scrappy Necklaces is by Smaller who had gotten their inspiration from a fellow Etsy seller, Cakies!

I've found a tutorial on a Beautiful Lace and Vintage Jewelry Necklace. I really love it LOTS because a couple of the jewels on the piece remind me of a few from my grandmother. I love vintage things and this piece really "sings" to me!! I can't show you a picture because it is copyrighted, but go ahead and follow this link over to Rhonna Designs and see what I'm so excited about!
Florabond on Etsy has done some wonderful things with fabric and vintage fabric and jewels!! She's located in Idaho Falls -- just 2 hours north of my home! She's a very creative lady!! Take a look -- but I'm warning you, you'll be VERY tempted to hit the "add to cart" button :)

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