Colorful Wavy Afghan

When I was a teenager I began to crochet. I mostly self-taught myself after learning at a local church youth group the basics of crocheting. There were many projects that I would begin and then run out of yarn and never finish. One of the projects that I remember never finishing was a peach, orange and white wavy afghan.

When I ran across this blog post by Lucy at Attic24 giving a tutorial of how to make this very colorful wavy afghan, I was excited. I love the vibrant colors in this one!! It's really reminds me of my 16 year old daughters room -- she loves to use lots of colors in everything that she does! I have noticed that this afghan pattern changes colors very frequently --- which makes it really pretty -- it's just not the most enjoyable thing for me to do when I'm crocheting (something which I need to practice I guess)!

I have wanted to make each of my children one afghan and one tied quilt before they go off and get married. I'm thinking that I'll go ahead and tackle the wavy afghan with lots of color for my daughter. She's in her senior year and will be moving away to college next year. I'm wondering if I can finish it before Christmas? I'd have to work on it while she's at school and work -- which is when I'm usually doing my business, so I'm not sure. But it could definitely be worth a try!

Here in Utah afghans are great to work on during the winter months -- as you complete the last of the afghan, you have the completed portion laying on your cold legs :)

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