Spreading Out during the Slow Time

Things have been a little slow during the past month in my Etsy Shop so I decided to take some time and improve my presence online. I've been reading posts in the Etsy Forum about many people's disgust at how Etsy management has been handling the SEO problem and have blamed their slow (or lack thereof) views and sales to these problems. I've not really too technologically savy to know whether they are correct or not and I'm not completly certain how to optimize my site for better views or not.

For the past 6 months I've done nothing but spend 10-12 hours a day getting my shop on Etsy better and trying to best serve by customers. Of course this has gotten me to the point of having over 800 hearts and 1,100 sales plus many wholesale sales.

I'm definately not complaining! I know that I've had success beyond that or many newcomers to Etsy and selling crafts on the web! I am grateful for that and I thank the Lord for His goodness in my behalf. I will for sure be thankful for all of my blessings that I've recieved!! But I now feel that it is time that I spread my virtual wings and make a larger presence on the web.

I've opened a shop on Artfire now --- LittleKeepsakesStudio --- and I've started this blog. I've also started an account on Flickr --- also called LittleKeepsakesStudio --- and I uploaded a bunch of my pictures of my pendant creations to that account. So, I'm starting!! I still have a lot to do, however. One thing that I really want to do is to read up on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and to know better how to make my pages in the different shops that I open to be the ones that will come up on the top of the lists when search for in Google.

It's all a huge learning process and I pray that I can make myself even more successful during the upcoming Holiday season (Christmas). Yeh, I know that it's a ways off, but I need to plan!

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