Photographer's Package

Shoot the Moon Photography

1 inch Glass Pendant, 18" silver plated flat link chain and storage tin and magnet

Package completed for Joy Vertz with Shoot the Moon Photography
She does some awesome work with the camera!

I've completed several packages for professional photographers which includes pendants, keyrings, and/or magnets of their client.
Magnets are great to display on fridge, lockers, file cabinet, etc.

I always love working with these photos --- such CUTE kids! I'm always in awe at the work of professional photographers!!
2 inch crystal clear glass with very strong rare earth magnet on the back

If you are a professional photographer, or know of one, maybe you would like to consider giving your clients one of these cute packages along with their pictures. I'm sure that you would be a "cut above the rest" for such a promotion.

Tiny Glass Charm the size of a Scrabble Tile (3/4") with snake chain.

1 inch Crystal Clear Glass with medium bail
24" silver plated ball chain necklace
matching storage/gift tin
If you want to buy these from my shop, I will give you a great deal and the discount will get even better as you buy more! Go ahead and email me: julkid@gmail.com or littlekeepsakesstudio@gmail.com

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