Kanzashi --- A new find!

I have found an art form that I haven't seen before in which I've fallen in love! It is Tsumami Kanzashi --- basically it is folding fabric into intricate floral patterns to make hair ornaments. It's an old Japanese art form. Think of origami and then substitue fabric for paper! Here are a couple of sites and pictures that I've found to show the art.

Kanzashi Garden

What is Tsumami Kanzashi?The word “Tsumami” means to pinch – specifically, pinching a square piece of fabric to form a shape. The word “Kanzashi” means hairpin. Tsumami Kanzashi is a traditional Japanese art form that dates back over 200 years. Tsumami kanzashi is most often seen worn by maiko (apprentice geisha) and young girls for shichi-go-san celebrations however, with the revival of traditional arts, and a younger generation appreciating them – tsumami kanzashi have become quite a fashionable accessory to be worn both with contemporary clothing and kimono.

There are a couple of sellers on Etsy that are using this art form in their projects. I really like how the fabric folds into the petals!
Yellowish ivory chrysanthemum barrette made by Goche Moche on Etsy

Made by Thea Starr on Etsy -- Gorgeous Creamy Material!

There is a new book out that I'm dying to get! It's now on my amazon wish list!

4/26/11 -- It is very interesting that this art that I discovered over 18 months and wrote about in this post  is now very popular and I've found many, many artists who have embraced creating flowers out of fabric and have sites on Etsy and Artfire where they are selling their beautiful fabric flower art!!  

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