24th July Celebration -- Vendor Booth

Little Keepsakes Vendor Booth
Here in Utah the state celebrates the day that the Pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley -- July 24th. In all of the towns and cities across the state there is some sort of celebration to honor this event. Here in my home town we now have our big celebration on the Saturday following the 24th and call it Tremonton City Days. We decided to open up a vendor booth for the celebration and see what kind of reception we would get for our handmade glass items.
I placed my glass pendants in boxs according to sizes and prices.

This table was a BIG HIT!
Many people were really impressed with the Custom Photo
Jewelry and Magnets that I do and took business cards
and information to get back with me about doing things for Christmas.

Doing this booth provided me with a great way to sell pendants that I have discontinued on my online sites!

My husband and daughter mostly sat at the booth for the entire day --- bless their hearts! My husband actually loves doing these kinds of things and had a blast! We had to be set up by 8am and had a window from 5-7pm to take things down. From 4-5:30pm was probably the most productive time.
Many people liked the rings and looked at them --
I think that I'll make some round Twilight New Moon ones!

We got some good response for our first time. The magnetic steel chokers were a big hit -- of course my husband loves those and did a great job promoting them :) I also had a clearance box of pendants whose designs I'm not selling anymore -- they sold really well also.

We made this really nifty necklace stand out of pvc pipe and then wrapped it in ribbons.
It was a great way to display the many choices of necklaces that I have!

All in all we did good and we're looking forward to the next event.

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