Time to get started

Remnants of Time XXXVIII Steampunk Ring made by StJoshua on Etsy

The time is far spent that I have needed to start a blog for my Little Keepsakes Studio!! I have had my shop open now for almost 7 months now --- I can't believe that--- and it's been quite a ride and adventure!! I have been selling my pendants on Etsy for that entire time and have had over 1,000 sales on Etsy. I've sold wholesale to many brick and mortar boutiques around the country and one in Canada. Things have been so crazy and hectic that I've always had good intentions to set up a blog --- but haven't had a moment to do so. Now that things have slowed down a bit for the summer and I'm reorganizing my shop and revamping my business plan, I've decided to "bite the bullet" and get one started.

I'm planning on talking about making glass pendants, highlighting some of my new designs, and talking about others crafts and tutorials that I find and enjoy. I'm hoping to review other crafters shops and reference blogs that I find to be fun and helpful. I've found many blogs that have taught me many crafts, inspired me with ideas, and have enlightened my quest in selling my craft on the internet.

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